EP. 01 – From the Bicycle to the Boardroom, with Lori Anderson


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Although the title of this show is “Me and Your Mom,” this very first episode is actually me and my mom, Lori Ann Anderson.  I’m Levi J. Anderson, your host. 

I’ve been producing podcasts for other folks and I never thought I would do my own until my mother came to visit. I wanted to show her my new studio and immediately I had the inspiration to create this podcast.

I was raised by an amazing mother, who gave me a lot of appreciation for what moms do. And in the real world, as I become an adult, a lot of the business people I work with, the most tenacious ones seem to be women. They’re juggling a family life with a business career, and they’re just so amazing and awesome – so why not share their story and have some fun with it?

So in this episode, meet Lori Anderson, and hear her story of how she went from the bicycle to the boardroom, raising three boys into men along the way. 

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